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Islam and Muslims

Mama List of Islamic and Muslim Links on the Internet
2000+ sites, alphabetized and categorized.
This site aims to provide “a non-sectarian, comprehensive and holistic view of Islam and Muslims to a global audience.”

One Nation
One Nation is a non-profit organization that aims to “challenge stereotypes and misperceptions of Muslims and Islam by shining a spotlight on our shared values, beliefs and responsibilities” though the Internet, films and other media projects.

Blogs and News Sites
Sponsored by GSRL Paris/CNRS France and Harvard University, is recognized in political and media circles as the most reliable online reference for Islam in Europe.  The site's network of researchers and scholars conduct comparative research on Islam and Muslims in the West and disseminate key information to politicians, media, and the public.

Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debates at the University of Wisconsin
A new media initiative that seeks to challenge misconceptions and stereotypical perceptions about Islam and Muslims worldwide through a collaboration between UW-Madison’s nine area and international studies centers, Wisconsin Public Radio, and the public.

The Quran

Quran Browser
This Web site allows visitors to browse, compare and search five major English translations of the Quran.

USC Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement’s Quran page
This site includes the entire Quran with side-by-side text from three major English translations.

University of Georgia Virtual Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the Islamic World (VCISIW)
These resources on the Qur'an and Qur'anic interpretation are part of VCISIW’s larger “Islam and Islamic Studies Resources” site created by UGA professor Alan Godlas.  Also contains excellent resources on women in Islam and many other topics.

Women in Islam

Coming soon


The Muslim West Facts Project
A collaboration between Gallup and the Coexist Foundation utilizing data from the Gallup World Poll, which surveyed the Muslim world and the West regarding beliefs about education, religion, culture and democracy.  See also Muslim Americans: A National Portrait PDF (2009), conducted by Gallup’s Center for Muslim Studies, which calls it the “first-ever nationally representative study” of Muslim Americans.

Mosque Census Project (2009)
This new report, conducted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America with the goal of contacting “every mosque and Islamic center in the United States to compile accurate information about the Muslim community in America, specifically relating to size, infrastructure development, the participation of women and youth, and depth of involvement in American society.”  The report will be available via the Islamic Society of North America in late 2009.  Read the press release.

Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream PDF (2007)
This study was conducted jointly by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

Allied Media’s statistics on the American Muslim market
Allied Media Corp. is a marketing firm specializing in reaching ethnic market segments.  This site is a great source for basic demographic information.

The American Muslim’s compilation of Polls, Surveys, and Statistics Relating to Islam and Muslims, 1995 to 2007
The American Muslim is an online journal edited by Sheila Musaji that seeks to provide a “balanced, moderate, alternative voice focusing on the spiritual dimension of Islam.”  This site is not affiliated with the Muslim American Society or its publication with the same name.

Muslims in the American Public Square PDF (2004)
This poll of American Muslims was conducted by Zogby International on behalf of Project MAPS, a research project at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CMCU) at Georgetown University.

Mosque in America: A National Portrait PDF (2001)
This study was coordinated by the Hartford Seminary as part of a larger study of American congregations called “Faith Communities Today” and co-sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, the Ministry of Imam W. Deen Muhammed and the Islamic Circle of North America.

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