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Authority, the Media, and Muslim Women   (Muslimah Media Watch, 06/18/09)

Another interesting discussion on the issue of authority: "As much as I have been critical of the mainstream media's coverage of Muslim women in general," the author writes, "I cannot deny that it has allowed traditional authorities in the Muslim community to be challenged on their interpretation of women's rights."

The Warriors of Gender Intifada: Where Are They Now?   (The American Muslim, 06/17/09)

Robert D. Crane revisits the issue of woman-led prayer: "I admire Asra Nomani and Amina Wadud as soldiers of justice, but I always cite them as examples of how not to go about Islamizing Muslims."

Ijtihad, Rethinking Islam: Maududi's Children: How the intellectuality of Political Islam turned into the brutality of faithful fascism   (, 06/17/09)

"There are a number of progressive Muslim scholars, especially in Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Algeria and Indonesia, who seem to be making deeper inroads in the 21st century Islamic reformist psyche," Nadeem F. Paracha tells us. "To them (...) we have been relying on an age-old interpretation of the Qu'ran, one that is ice-capped in history. The context of this interpretation is of the 8th and 9th century Muslim societies. It needs to be radically updated through ijtihad." Thanks to Syed Asadulah for sharing this link.

Dr. Hassan Hathout dies at 84; Islamic leader fostered interfaith relations   (Los Angeles Times, 04/27/09)

Dr. Hathout makes a cameo appearance in the film when Asra Nomani visits the Islamic Center of Southern California.  Condolences to his family, to his mosque and to the larger American Muslim community, which has lost a true pioneer.

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